Name variation: Luca Leone, Raw Prod Ltd, Ram_Thirty
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Best of Ibadan Chart
01 Lo Hype - Route 303  (Original Mix)  [IRC122]  
02 Tony Watson - Passages (Original)  [IRC025]  
03 Gabriel Chong - Omie (Original)  [APT004]  
04 Jerome Sydenham, Aschka - Avenue A feat. Aschka (Original)  [IRC113]  
05 Kerri Chandler, Jerome Sydenham - A Demo by 6:23 ()  [UKP001]  
06 Radio Slave - X Beat  (Original)  [IRC106]  
07 Nagano Kitchen - Destination Nagano (Jerome Sydenham's Shinkansen Mix)  [IRC096]  
08 S.A.T. - The Rig (Original Mix)  [IRC125]  
09 Nature Soul - Dawn  (Original Demo Version)  [IRC051]  
10 Nagano Kitchen - No Traffic in Nagano (Original)  [APT003]  

Born in Rome, London based DJ and producer Luca Leone and also the founder of Raw House Music, he has performed in most of London’s prestigious and underground venues and alongside numerous international artists representing some of the most experienced within today’s underground musical industry. This enabled him to seek inspiration and develop a distinct sound that is reflected in his sharp sense for detail. His attachment to music was born in the early 90s when he started fine-tuning his ear to what he later developed into his current signature sound which can be defined as a combination of deeply rooted house, solid hip-hop grooves and old school techno beats. A timeless selection portrayed by the combination of deepest shades of house flowing into uttermost Detroit techno.

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