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A native Nigerian, AV is an American producer, who was born in Munich, Raised in Lagos, and moved to the US in 1988, setting an early backdrop for an international career. An avid and talented percussionist, AV started playing drums at 16, quickly finding himself in a live trip hop band Tribe of Zoë. From there, AV’s enthusiasm for beats and electronica lead him back to Europe, where he DJ'ed in Austria at the renowned Park House Cafe. Restless for new influences and wanting to get back to live music, he went on to Prague, where he became a featured drummer and a programmer/producer for the band Aftermath db.

During his stint in Prague, AV pursued an apprenticeship for sound track work with European Grammy winner Colin Stuart. A quick study, he soon found himself mastering audio engineering & mastering, production, and sound design, and forming a commercial scoring business called The Lab. While scoring television spots, small videos and films, AV also helped to form the down tempo electronica band Maguro that performed throughout the Czech Republic, Germany & Austria. Moving to NYC in 2003, AVs audio re-mastering, freelance sound engineering, and electronic music production work and classes were all much in demand, and earned him accolades from bands and critics alike as well as teaching electronic music production & technology at SAE Institute in New York City. The formation of the band Ultrafine soon followed with AV playing keyboards, programming, producing, mixing & mastering all of Ultrafines work. AV continues to live in New York City working as a solo artist with his current EPs Naija & LoneStar released on Soul Sun Soul Music.

Official website: www.theav.com

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