Rune RK

Name variation: Rune RK, Enur, Ink & Needle, Rune Reilly Kølsch
Style: Techno, Tech-House, Electro-House
Profile: Award winning DJ/Producer from Denmark best known for his commecial success "Calabria"
In Groups: Artificial Funk
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Rune started his DJ career in 93. Having spent 4 years playing drums in various funk bands, the basic skills of beatmixing and cutting, came to him easily. Before releasing his first EP in 95, he spent three years producing hip-hop tunes for local talents.

Being fed up with blunt smoking lazy rappers that never showed up on time for sessions, he decided to work alone and this led to house music. While having a natural flair for music that makes people move and doing really good from the beginning, it was in 2002 with the Artificial Funk single "Together" that people outside Denmark started taking notice of what is now the brightest star on the Danish house scene.

After the success of “Together”, Rune’s next outing became one of the Ibiza 2003 season defining tracks, in the shape of the haunting sax driven classic, "Calabria". Even in 2008 the track is still creating chart mayhem, as the covers won’t seem to end. Alex Gaudino - Destination Calabria, landed at top 4 in the UK singles charts. Runes own version Enur - Calabria, also created mayhem across Europe in the summer of 2007 ending up with topping the American airplay chart in the beginning of 2008 and selling more than 800.000 singles in the U.S alone and earning the number 1 position on Itunes sales chart for 2008 in the entire dance-genre. A new updated Rune RK version of Calabria was released in 2008 and has already been adopted by The Swedish House Mafia and many more and was one of the big hits of the 2008 Ibiza season. Not one to stand po-faced against a wall in a club, Rune believes that many DJs have forgotten where they came from - "they used to be in front of the speakers dancing and screaming along with everybody else" - and once in awhile he still knocks the needle off the records during his sets because he is dancing so much. Having won ‘best DJ of the year’ 4 years in a row in his home country Denmark, Rune is known for his unique blend of classics and new releases. His technique is beyond just playing the tracks. You’ll see him adding accapellas, and his sets consist mainly of special edits created for the occasion. Rune believes that it’s important to deliver a show, so there is a lot of action behind the decks.

Rune’s talent has sent him playing all over the world including legendary clubs such as: The End (London), Amnesia (Ibiza), El Divino (Ibiza), Berghain (Berlin) and Nikki Beach (Miami) just to name a few, but one gig that is close to his heart was the Sensation Denmark 2008, where he delivered a DJ-set to a home-crowd of 30.000.

In 2005, Rune and his brother Johannes Torpe (half of Artificial Funk) decided to take matters into their own hands. Tired of labels with conventional ideas of how to release their music, they joined forces and created their own label Arti Farti.

A couple off releases in, Arti Farti is a grand success. With support from Laurent Garnier, Pete Tong, Roger Sanchez to Josh Wink, the label is set for the stars. In 2006 the brothers also created With its unique concept of no titles, only tattoos, the label quickly gathered support from the biggest minimal DJs across the globe. Sven Väth, Richie Hawtin, Magda, Tiefschwarz, Ricardo Villalobos, all support the weird and experimental releases. It’s a playground for the brothers, with focus on challenging the limit of what will work on a dance floor.

All releases from Rune, being on Tattoorec, or Arti Farti have deep roots from Detroit and Chicago, and it’s important for him to keep each release exciting and fresh sounding.

2006, Rune also joined forces with Jerome Sydenham, a long time hero. They created the label Avocado Records, and their first release Elephant/Cantstop not, got plays from everyone. Also Rune was granted the honor of remixing the classic "That’s the way love is", by Ten City released on Ibadan.

Rune’s newest label Nightology Records gives young Danish DJs and producers a chance to get their work released. It is somewhat of heartchild to him. The object is to make it easier for the upcoming artists of tomorrow to break through compared to back in the day. And with 2 Danish DJ-awards under the belt in the first season the label is off to a good start.


2008 | ENUR – Raggatronic
2008 | Artificial Funk - Sleep less live more

2009 | Rune RK – Papperlapapp – ARTI FARTI
2008 | Rune RK – Kosimo – TOOLROOM
2008 | Rune RK - Calabria update – ARTI FARTI
2008 | Rune RK – Højere Vildere – NIGHTOLOGY RECORDS
2008 | ink and needle - eleven/twelve - TATTOORECS.COM
2008 | Rune RK - Bodybuilder loves Tattoogirl – ARTI FARTI
2008 | Rune and Jerome Sydenham – Peter Pan / Snow Bored – AVOCADO RECORDS
2008 | Rune RK - Day in the dark – UNDERWATER RECORDS
2008 | Rune and Jerome Sydenham – Elephant / Can’t stop not – AVOCADO RECORDS
2007 | Rune RK - Bariton – ARTI FARTI
2007 | Rune pres. Fashionvictims - Koochi Koochi - ARTI FARTI
2007 | Enur - Calabria (ragga version) - MINISTRY OF SOUND
2007 | Rune RK - Yesteryear – ARTI FARTI
2007 | Rune and Jerome Sydenham-time is gone/days of our lives - ELEFANT RECS
2007 | ink and needle - nine/ten - TATTOORECS.COM
2007 | ink and needle - seven/eight - TATTOORECS.COM
2007 | ink and needle - five/six - TATTOORECS.COM
2006 | ink and needle - three/four - TATTOORECS.COM
2006 | ink and needle - one/two - TATTOORECS.COM
2006 | Artificial funk - Friend for a weekend - ARTI FARTI
2006 | Rune RK - Soy Ari/Backyard superman - ARTI FARTI
2005 | Rune RK- You got me - ARTI FARTI
2005 | Artificial Funk - Never Alone - TOOLROOM RECS
2004 | Rude RKade - Smile UNDERWATER
2004 | Heavy Rock - Drummer SOUTHERN FRIED/B'y'N
2004 | Rune - Stonetap CREDENCE
2004 | Rune feat Luco - Nothing New VARIATION
2004 | Rude RKade - Beautiful UNDERWATER
2003 | Rune - Calabria CREDENCE
2002 | Artificial Funk - Together SKINT/SONY
2001 | Artificial Funk - People Don’t Know BROTHER BROWN
1995 | Artificial Funk - Use It (The Music) DISCO:WAX
1995 | Artificial Funk - Real Funk MULTIPLEX
1995 | Artificial Funk – Zone One MULTIPLEX

2009 | Artmus – Artmus NIGHTOLOGY RECORDS > 2009 | Brasco – Autobahn NIGHTOLOGY RECORDS > 2009 | Morten Breum – On It! NIGHTOLOGY RECORDS > 2009 | a.dub – Wolfram NIGHTOLOGY RECORDS > 2008 | Medina – Kun for mig PROVIDERS > 2008 | Jack Rock – Filter games ARTI FARTI > 2008 | DJ Hell – The Disaster INTERNATIONAL GIGOLO RECORDINGS > 2008 | Jerome Sydenham And Tiger Stripes - Elevation IBADAN > 2007 | Amox & Atle - A Witch's Kiss TIC TAC TOE > 2007 | James Mowbray & Leaim Sullivan – Tropical heights FOUR:TWENTY RECORDINGS > 2007 | Patrick Bateman - Walk Through The Sky TIC TAC TOE > 2007 | Argy – 1985 LIEBE DETAIL > 2007 | Len Faki - Rainbow Delta OSTGUT TON > 2005 | Deux – Xpand URBANA REC > 2005 | Beatchhuggers – Soulshakers TOOLROOM RECS > 2004 | Safri Duo – Rise UNIVERSAL >2004 | Random House feat Robert Owens – Longin’ UNDERWATER >2003 | Safri Duo – Fallin’ High UNIVERSAL
> 2003 | Morjac – Stars CREDENCE> 2003 | Örtz – Secret Garden BIGSTAR >2003 | Space Cowboy – Just Put Your Hand In Mine SOUTHERN FRIED

COMPILATIONS (mixed by artist)
2008 | Nightology – Mixed by Rune RK WARNER MUSIC

Nightology Records – founded 2008
Avocado - founded with Jerome Sydenham 2007 - founded 2006
Arti Farti - founded 2005

2009 | Danish DJ Awards - Dee-Jay Favorite Of The Year / Højere Vildere | Club-hit of the Year / Højere vildere
2008 | The number 1 selling track on Itunes (Dance genre) in the US / Enur - Calabria
2008 | Gold Record in the US
2007 | Danish DJ awards - DJ of the year / Rune RK
2006 | Danish DJ awards - DJ of the year / Rune RK
2005 | Danish DJ awards - DJ of the year / Rune RK
2004 | Danish DJ Awards
 - DJ of the year / Rune RK | Artist Of The Year / Rune 
| Dee-Jay Favorite Of The Year / Rune – Calabria | 
Remix Of The Year / Morjac – Stars (Rune’s Artificial Funk Remix) | Producer Of The Year / Rune RK for Rune – Calabria
2004 | Danish Music Awards (Danish Grammy) Dance Release Of The Year / Rune - Calabria
2003 | DJ Mag (UK)Top 10 Tracks Of The Year > Artificial Funk – Together
2003 | Mix Mag (UK)Top 50 Tracks Of The Year / Rune – Calabria |Top 50 Tracks Of The Year / Heavy Rock – Drummer
2002 | Danish Dance Awards -
DJ Of The Year / Rune RK

Releases by Rune RK

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