Janne Tavi

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Style: Techno
Profile: Helsinki-born, Berlin-based DJ/producer who relies his vision in the roots of contemporary electronic music.
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Best of Ibadan Chart
01 Jãnia - Deconstructed House  (Phase 2)  [IRC038]  
02 The Songstress - See Line Woman  (Vocal)  [IRC005]  
03 Nagano Kitchen - Asama (East)  [APT001]  
04 Xhin - Incidental  (Jerome Sydenham Remix)  [APT016]  
05 Function, Jerome Sydenham - White Light (Silent Servant Remix)  [IRC109]  
06 The System - You're in My System (Atmospheric Dub)  [IRC010]  
07 Technasia - Evergreen (Jerome Sydenham Special Edit)  [APT021]  
08 Jerome Sydenham - Whitewater  (In Trackmode)  [APT019]  
09 Jerome Sydenham - Darkroom (Original)  [UKP007]  
10 Radio Slave - Absolute Absolute (Jerome Sydenham Remix)  [APT015]  

Janne Tavi represents a bright light in the future of electronic music. Today still brisk with youth, Tavi has embarked on a vivacious journey of creative endeavor. This journey begins in his hometown Helsinki, Finland where his appetite for all things Techno evolved into a stunning acumen for the turntables and a broad range of electronica. With the guidance of some of his well placed older peers young Tavi was given access to the scene, DJ sets and studio sessions followed. As the German Techno scene thrives, Janne Tavi made a break for Berlin, where he completed his double Business majors and is now ensuing his Masters. The studious Tavi also engaged in an understudy mentorship with Jerome Sydenham and Kerri Chandler which has landed him the position as head of Marketing for the Ibadan Records imprints. Tavi already has achived his debut single ‘Restless’ out on Apotek Records. Having already done cameo appearances at Berghain and Fabric the future only bristles with opportunity - this absolute breath of fresh air is Janne Tavi.

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Janne Tavi, Non...
Apotek Records
Rudra (EP)
Ibadan Records
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Apotek Records
Jerome Sydenham...
Apotek Records
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