Eric D. Clark

Name variation: €ric D. Clark
Style: Dance music
Profile: Musician extraordinaire. Founder/Co-Director at SUBCURRENT CORPORATION. Went to River City Senior High. Lives in Lisbon, Portugal. In a relationship. Knows Français, Italien, English and 4 others. From Broderick, California.
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Best of Ibadan Chart
01 Kerri Chandler, Jerome Sydenham - Atmospheric Beats  (Original Extended Version)  [IRC024]  
02 Ten City - That's the Way Love Is ()  [IRC033]  
03 Ten City - My Peace of Heaven ()  [IRC034]  
04 Ferrer & Sydenham Inc. - Road To Calabar  (Beats)  [IRC064]  
05 Ferrer & Sydenham Inc. - The Back Door (Original)  [IRC076]  
06 Jerome Sydenham, Dennis Ferrer - Kò Kò (DJ Beats)  [IRC029]  
07 Jerome Sydenham, Kerri Chandler - 36 Degrees (Tokyo Dub)  [IRC040]  
08 Ferrer & Sydenham Inc. - Timbuktu (Dark Rub)  [IRC078DG]  
09 Joe Claussell - Je Ka Jo  (Drums of Passion)  [IRC036]  
10 Bas Noir - Shoebedoo (Kerri's Classic Bonus Beats)  [IRC069]  

Minimal is House Music that's not done yet

€ric D. Clark was trained as a classical pianist from the age of 5: upon mastering that instrument at the age of 10 he began playing the Sunday services at his Church along with musically directing two choirs:

later: Disco plus all forms of Electronica to Punk along with all of their respective offspring...

...lead to an early "professional music career" demonstrating CASIO Keyboards in Macy's Department Store (the inspiration for the jingle at the beginning of "From: DiscoTo: Disco") while in local clubs mixing sound for the acts and playing records between them:

By the early 90's... he met Hans Nieswandt to form a party series that would spawn WHIRLPOOL PRODUCTIONS with Justus Koehncke and Fred Heimermann.

the second Millineum of Eric's career:
he releases "E=dC²" his second solo release; this time on FIRM Recordings:

taught at The Stædel School for Visual Arts in Frankfurt: which culminated in the limited edition release "THE STARS OF STÆDEL" an lp of pieces both danceable and non by his students with Eric piloting the project from the helm of
Guest Professor

Full discography below now we reach €ric today, true to style the live/dee jay act is not what you'd expect, or perhaps so?
turntables, keyboard, mic, computer? in varying degrees of usage coupled with the experience will render an unforgettable night out!

dvd releases:
Karthix Pandian's "DarkRoom"
Christophe Pellet "Le Garcon avec les cheveux dans les yeux"
Chicks on Speed "Visitors" (motion picture sdtk.)

ERIC D. CLARK "Don't Kill the Elephants" (Commotion, France)
PHATTITUDE featuring SWEET PUSSY PAULINE:"Boum-a-shakka-lakka-lakka-boum-boum"12" GrooveAttack
ERIC D. CLARK D'Signed By Living: Psychosexual Transgression ep (12") Ladomat 2000
" Fur Dancefloor (2x12"/CD) Ladomat 2000
" Another Night, Another Disco (12") SUBCURRENT/BMG
AMANDA LEAR From here To Eternity (12") Moroder Tribute BMG/Cause & Effect
YIANNA KATSOULOS Shopping (12"/CD) Barclay
ANGIE REED "hustle a Hustler" (single) CHICKS ON SPEED
ANGIE REED "I Want to Love You" SUBCURRENT Media
ANGIE REED "G. G. (Gaudy Good)" (single) CHICKS ON SPEED
CHICKS on SPEED Plastic Surgery (single) CHICKS ON SPEED
EINBAUSOUND "how many clicks does it take" (12") SUBCURRENT
DIRK LEYERS & JUSTUS KHÖNCKE feat. ERIC D. CLARK An Ounce of Memories (12") FIRM
ERIC D. CLARK Credo (Pale Music comp. 3) SUBCURRENT/Pale Music
ERIC D. CLARK Sexual Robots (2 downloadable club remixes)
ERIC D. CLARK & TYREE COOPER "Stuph" (Adapter Records)
ERIC D. CLARK & AMIR AD FONTES "Body Circuit" BigCityBeats/Intergroove,
ERIC D. CLARK & SCOTT MATTHEW "RX Prescription Cocktail Mixers"
ERIC D. CLARK "G-Moviemente" (USA Detroit Wax)
ERIC D. CLARK & MUTANT DANCE BEAT "Ina Daze" Discos Capablanca
ERIC D. CLARK & JOEL K. ALTER "Ride With Me feat Eric D. Clark"
ERIC D. CLARK & SNAX "The Spark" feat Eric D. Clark
ERIC D. CLARK & LOUIE AUSTEN "We Need More Love" Spagat Musik

LONI GORDON Searchin' (12") Searchin' Groove On
STELLA Lower Saxony (CD5") Lower Saxony L'Age D'Or
CHAKA KHAN The Drama (NPG) unreleased
GLORIA GAYNOR Last Night (CD5") Last Night BMG
GLORIA GAYNOR The Last Night (12") The Last Night Logic Records
M: The Secret Tapes Of Dr Mabuse (CD) Mabuse Not On Label
THOM Love is Real (CD) (SUBCURRENT Mix) SONY Music
JESUS Di IBIZA Gone (12") Gone (SUBCURRENT Mix) Low Spirit Recordings
THE LEKTRIK "the real blockbuster" SUBCURRENT Vocal mx/Major Mix (12" EPIC)
TLC No Scrubs (12") SUBCURRENT (White Label)
P-PACK RECORDS (12"ep feat. Nina Hagen) House Alarm/Punk Kaufmann PPR005
GLAMOUR TO KILL (12") Eis Bäer (Sage)
JUSTINE ELECTRA two ways to kill a lady (12") City Slang Records
ANGIE REED "I wan to Love U tek" SUBCURRENT Media
KHAN featuring BRIGITTE FONTAINE fine mouche (12") Disco Cabine
JASON WALKER Reachin' (Junior Vazquez Records)
MOCKY Extended Vacation (Erix' Carte Postale) (12") FOUR Music
ERIC D. CLARK "Sexual Robots" SUBCURRENT Media
STEREO TOTALE "Mehr Lichte" (unreleased)
NERK N' DIRK featuring KHAN Fear
PEACHES "I Feel Cream"
SCOTT MATTHEW "Prescription", "RX Prescription" Mixes,
TOK TOK "Hazil Tonk" Eric D. Clark Remix
NOBLESSE OBLIGE "The Great Electrifier" Eric D. Clark Remix
LOUIE AUSTEN "My last Song" Louie Austen Music
MARCUS SUR "If the Lotus Eats the Tiger" (€rix' Mix) MBF

Gimme / Fly Hi (12") Logic Records (UK)
The Immunity Syndrome EP (12") Superstition
Brian De Palma (2x12"/CD) Ladomat 2000
Moon Huh / Harvest (12") Ladomat 2000
Dense Music (2x12"/CD) Ladomat 2000
The Cold Song (12", CD 5") Ladomat 2000
Bee Gee's tribute ep "Guilty" cover (12" BMG)
Bee Gee's tribute lp "Tragedy" (BMG CD)
From Disco To Disco (12") ZAC Records
From Disco To Disco (12") Ladomat 2000
From Disco To Disco (CD5") Ladomat 2000
From Disco To Disco (CD5" enhanced w/video) Motor Music
From Disco To Disco Remix (12") Jinxx Records
From Disco To Disco Remix Project 2006
(Dirk Leyers, Mike Monday,
Martin Eyerer,
Jake Bullit, JCA, + others) Great Stuff Recordings
The Cold Song (12", CD single, CD5") Ladomat 2000
" ??? (CD) Motor Music
" ??? (2x12") Ladomat 2000
Crazy Music (12"/CD single) Ladomat 2000
Lifechange (CD single, 2x12"/CD) WEA
Lifechange (12") WEA Records (Germany)
Lifechange (CD5") WEA Records (Germany)

Army of Lovers (Remixes) (12"/CD5") Life Is Fantastic Motor Music
Sprungbretter (Milch) (12") Gott Ist Doof Superstition
I Didn't Know What To Expect (Remix) (12") Dance Pool
DJ-Edition Of Talent (12") I Wish I Had You L'Age D'Or
Army of Lovers (Remixes) (CD5") Life Is Fantastic Motor Music
Going Under (CD5") Paths of Life Warner Brothers
More Than A Sex Machine (12") WEA Records (Germany)
Sauerkraut Nicht Sushi (2xCD) I WIsh I Had You L'Age D'Or

Other PROJECTS include:
THE FUTURE SOUND OF YESTERDAY; Kent Chesterfield; €DC and or €=dC² (live/dee jay act): PHATTITUDE: EINBAUSOUND (with Paige Ehrlich):
THE FRINGE (with Pete Avila):

PHOTO/VIDEO: Styling, Concept, Co-Direction??
"Harvest" (Steffen Jagenbourg) & "The Cold Song" (Ad Agency Vienna)
"From: Disco To: Disco" (Co-Directed by Smocek Policek filmed in "The Funky Chicken Club" - Cologne)
"Crazy Music" (Directed by Smocek Policek)

"Fur Dancefloor" shot in Villa Magnani - Luca, Italy (€DC)
" another night, another Disco (Directed by Eric D. Clark & Volker Hanwacker)

CLARO Telecommunications (Argentina)
40 OZ. Artist Campaign
German Design Awards Frankfurt 2010
Adobe MAX Day Keynote Presentation with and for Los Angeles 2010

"Enter the Dragon" by Satch Hoyt sounscape Hoyt/D. Clark (Hong Kong)
"DarkRoom" by Karthik Pandian sound/track/scape by €ric D. Clark (Richard Tejes Gallery Beverly Hills)
"Disco Wheelchair" The Stædel Museum Frankfurt
"Mounds" by Karthik Pandian soundscape PANDIAN/D.CLARK Whitney Museum New York

"Idea through to Creative Fruition" a lecture on the importance of taking creative ideas all the way through to the ranks of presentation (this was also the basis to the course of which Eric was Guest Professor at the Stædel School

"BLAXPLOITATION" panel discussion at the Schomburg Library for African-American cultural studies in Harlem with Darius James on the subject of music and social relations leading up to what became known as "That's Blaxploitation"

"Glamour: from inception to realization: The Materialized Unattainable" - Zurich, Switzerland

Personal Interests:
Music/Film/Theater/Visual Arts/ART/Physics/Alternatives to any and all standards or conventions/renewable and alteternative energies/phage therapy research

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