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Dario "DJAIMIN" Mancini, Anglo-Italo-Swiss, was born in Switzerland in 1967. Djaimin started his career in the early 80s as a DJ at a club called The Platinum. In the mid 80s, Djaimin met an American radio DJ named Tony Humphries who presented Djaimin to an undergound/garage style of Dance Music. In 1987, Djaimin began hosting his own radio show as support to his love of House music spreading great vibes all over Switzerland. Djaimin was a pioneer of the first Swiss rave parties like the DANCEFLOOR SYNDROMA series. He is the first to influence and convince the avant-garde clubs to play this kind of music. An icon to this new music movement of the 90s in Switzerland, Djaimin decided to promote this music style with special nights and events for an educated crowd. Clubs like Le MAD, the New York Club Neuch√Ętel and the KAMA SUTRA parties by Kaufleuten Saal Zurich were the first on board. In 1990, Djaimin became the first STAR DJ archetype. Djaimin produced a track called "Give You" that became a number one hit all over England. This record also topped charts in Switzerland, USA, Asia and Europe. Djaimin signed his first single to legendary labelStrictly Rhythm where he met A&R executive George Morel who later moved on to become manager at Groove Records. Information provided courtesy of Staminasolution.

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