L'Âme Éternelle

Label Ibadan Records UPC 4260221740567
Cat. no. IRC053 Out 2003-07-24
Format 12" Vinyl Genre Deep House
charted by:
Boris, Tiger Stripes

Multi talented Haitian musician, Jephté Guillaume, arrives at the Ibadan offices with a stunning musical project of the absolute highest standards featuring vocals by Johanna Saint-Pierre.

"Where ever there is good music, I am there". A quote that Jephté Guillaume seems to live by, having recorded with everyone from Wyclef Jean to Mary J. Blige, proving that he brings more to the table than your average House producers. Jephté has lived up to that potential by blessing Ibadan with, 'Lâme Éternelle', a House record that has a wider than universal appeal.

We are graced with 4 version here of 'Lâme Éternelle', the first being the tried and true original in which Jephté's musical understanding and passion are clearly on display. Having nearly played and programmed all of the instruments himself, there is a deep sense of unity within the rhythms.

Johanna Saint-Pierre’s voice is reduced to sweet whispers and pillow talk on the ‘Tet Kale Vodou Dub’ mix. A slightly more flowing version of the original that holds on to the original song structure and idea, while bringing out some of the strong traditional song values in the track, allowing it to breathe easier.

Jephté kicks off the B-Side with an epic Deep House rendition. The original percussion is there, but with a wider range of patterns. Melodically it has been toned down by pushing the deeper elements further down into the mix, while simultaneously filling it out with Jephté’s acoustic guitar tones.

A radio edit rounds out the release, as this is sure to be a track that deserves play outside of your local underground House club.

Written and produced by: Jephté Guillame and Johanna Saint-Pierre.

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Track# Artist(s) Track title Length
A1 Jephte Guillaume, Johanna Saint-Pierre Ĺâme Éternelle (Main Vocal) 08:16  
A2 Jephte Guillaume, Johanna Saint-Pierre Ĺâme Éternelle (Tet Kale Vodou Dub) 08:02  
B1 Jephte Guillaume, Johanna Saint-Pierre Ĺâme Éternelle (Jephté's Shelter Mix) 06:12  
B2 Jephte Guillaume, Johanna Saint-Pierre Ĺâme Éternelle (Radio Éternelle) 03:57  
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