Ibadan EFX - DJ Tools Vol. 3

Label Ibadan Records UPC 4260221740468
Cat. no. IRC044 Out 2002-07-11
Format 2x12" Vinyl Genre DJ Tools

Ibadan phones up their friends and digs deep in their crates to find some rare tools, samples and efx, for the real DJs

Setting yourself ahead of the pack of your fellow novices or keeping yourself head and shoulders above your peers of seasoned veterans takes incredible knowledge, raw skill and a few inside tips. Clever mixing can also help get you there as well, and one way to accomplish that is by pushing those decks to the limit with on the fly edits, layers and efx. Ibadan records has called upon their industry cronies to provide 34 snippets, beats, vocals and outtakes to get the crowd jumping on the spot, or get you bouncing in the studio.

Larry Levan, Basement Jaxx, Giles Peterson, Beanfield, Dimitri from Paris and members of the Ibadan posse cut, sliced and chopped up samples exclusively for this compilation. Perfect for the vinyl DJs to show what they are made of, and a chance for those spinning with laptops the opportunity to really put the advantages and possibilities of digital DJing to work. For any real DJ - new or old - this double EP is just what you need to turn a few heads.

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Track# Artist(s) Track title Length
A1 Fantastic Plastic Machine Strings in Heaven 1:16  
A2 King Britt Scuba Tool No. 1 3:02  
A3 T Kolai Sought Al Taiba 1:02  
A4 Vince Watson Mystical Rhythm (Tool 2) 1:53  
A5 Jon Cutler Un Mute 1:18  
A6 Beanfield Interlude No. 21102 2:14  
A7 Larry Levan Laugh 0:45  
B01 Jaxxapellas Jaxxapella (1) 0:37  
B02 Jaxxapellas Jaxxapella (2) 0:24  
B03 Jaxxapellas Jaxxapella (3) 0:28  
B04 Jaxxapellas Jaxxapella (4) 1:01  
B05 Jaxxapellas Jaxxapella (5) 0:42  
B06 Jaxxapellas Jaxxapella (6) 2:07  
B07 Jaxxapellas Jaxxapella (7) 0:51  
B08 Sephia Cobalt Blue 2:13  
B09 Nature Soul Erotic Voice 1:30  
B10 Peter and Tyrone 83 West Intro 1:11  
B11 Jephte Guillaume Jephte's Laugh 0:53  
B12 Audio Recording Soccer Horns (High and Low) 0:53  
C1 Joe Claussell Cry For Help Part 2 (Intro Only) 2:14  
C2 Ko Kimura Ordinary But Useful 2:12  
C3 Danny Krivit DK Chant 0:38  
C4 Danny Krivit DK Ride 0:47  
C5 Freeform Five Knife 1:39  
C6 EFX 1:38  
C7 Dennis Ferrer Jero 3:01  
C8 Audio Recording Air Raid Siren 0:42  
D1 Dimitri from Paris Dmi's Enchanted Forest 0:52  
D2 Gilles Peterson Righteous 2:02  
D3 Jori Hulkonnen Alepha 0:33  
D4 Bobby Konders Massive B Sounds 2:12  
D5 Charles Webster Kumakords 1:20  
D6 A Hundred Birds St Shou 0:13  
D7 Audio Recording Explosion 1:38  
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