Ibadan DJ Tools Vol. 1

Label Ibadan Records UPC 4260221740192
Cat. no. IRC019 Out 1998-12-04
Format 12" Vinyl Genre DJ Tools
charted by:
Anthony Collins, Christian Prommer, Dirt Crew, GummiHz, Henrik Schwarz, Katsuya Sano

A wide variety of DJ tool beats from Ibadan artists.

Three of the main protagonist of the Ibadan sound mix and match their favorite DJ tool beats on to one release. Joe Claussell, Kerri Chandler and big boss man of Ibadan, Jerome Sydenham, carve out little pieces of the House jigsaw puzzle. Now, it is up to you to put them together.

A1. Is like an espresso: half short, but twice as strong. Mr. Claussell packs a furious conga solo over three minutes of booming House beats with Rhythm.

On the A2., Joe once again puts the three-minute mark on. Heaven. The name of the game here is heavy percussion, but this time paired with a stepping House beat.

The third track on the A-Side comes again from Joe. Phaze Drums, is just that: three minutes (once again) of drums and congas getting the heck filtered out of them.

Kerri puts the exclamation point on the A-Side with, Happy Beats. A smiling groove of Kerri’s crisp beats, weave in and out of lush string stabs.

Jerome and Kerri get funky with some samba-influenced whistles and drum fills on, For My Portuguese Concubine. A series of different bongo patterns take turns weaving their way through the beats that eventually get beefed up by an organic live bass.

Kerri makes his final appearance with the reduced groove of Atmospheric Dub.

Claussell returns on the B3. with a live off -kilter conga rhythm on, Love Drum.

The grand finale on A4. is Jerome with, Kryptic Beats. Percussive sticks get squeezed together with chaffing hats, which eventually get buffed by an uplifting chord melody section.

A literal goodie bag of beats on this release with eight tracks of 4x4 tools at your service.

Producers: Kerri Chandler, Joe Claussel, Jerome Sydenham
Executive Producer: Jerome Sydenham

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Licensing: info@ibadanrecords.com

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Track# Artist(s) Track title Length
A1 Jerome Sydenham, Joe Claussell Rhythm (Original) 3:25  
A2 Jerome Sydenham, Joe Claussell Heaven (Original) 3:18  
A3 Jerome Sydenham, Joe Claussell Phaze Drums (Original) 3:30  
A4 Jerome Sydenham, Kerri Chandler Happy Beats (Original) 3:14  
B1 Jerome Sydenham, Kerri Chandler For My Portugese Concubine (Original) 4:03  
B2 Jerome Sydenham, Kerri Chandler Atmospheric Dub (Original) 4:06  
B3 Jerome Sydenham, Joe Claussell Love Drum (Original) 3:40  
B4 Jerome Sydenham Kryptic Beats (Original) 3:34  
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