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Radio Slave

a.k.a. DJ Radioslave, Radioslave, REKID, Matt Edwards, Matthew E, DJ Maxxi...

As Matthew E he fashions club-based, dancefloor slayers. Under that aegis he’s updated the classic Chi-town, jackin’ sound beloved of house aficionados and layered it with fracture...

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a.k.a. Raíz, Acid Circus

Producers and label owners Vangelis and Vidal Vargas have performed worldwide from North America to Europe to Japan. Through their connection with Drumcell, they founded the produc...

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Rasmus Faber

a.k.a. Soul Treat

Producer, musician, composer, remixer & DJ – Rasmus Faber has many strings to his bow. Following on from his early years, in which Rasmus mastered the skills of the jazz piano, he ...

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Renato Pearson

a.k.a. Rudoulpho


Rhythm is Rhythm

a.k.a. Derrick May, Long Ago, Mayday

Derrick May If one name crops up again and again in discussions of techno, it is that of Derrick "Mayday" May. Alongside Atkins, Juan, Craig, Carl and Saunderson, Kevin, May is re...

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One half of The 65D Mavericks. Founder of the Surface label. Passed away aged 37 on Thursday April 27th, 2006, due to natural causes. R.I.P.

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Latest: Alsos

Richie Havens is gifted with one of the most recognizable voices in popular music. His fiery, poignant, always soulful singing style has remained unique and ageless since he first ...

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Ricky L

a.k.a. Riccardo Luchini, *****L, R. Luchini, Ricky. L

Latest: Deep Fried

Robag Wruhme

a.k.a. Gabor Schablitzki

A prolific, beloved member of the German techno community, Jena-based producer/DJ Gabor Schablitzki released a wide assortment of EPs throughout the late '90s and 2000s as DJ Robag...

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Romantic Couch

a.k.a. Junjaman, Keonho Roh

Keonho Roh a.k.a Junjaman. Keonho Roh is a graduate from New York University with a Bachelor on Music Technology (1998). In the period 1999 to 2006 he has workied on various proj...

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Ron Trent

a.k.a. Ronald Trent

After experimenting with beat machines and a small keyboard in 1986, he began recording the track "Altered States" while still in high school. He released it on Armando's Warehouse...

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Latest: Evergreen


a.k.a. Renato Pearson

Rune RK

a.k.a. Rune RK, Enur, Ink & Needle, Rune Reilly Kølsch

Rune started his DJ career in 93. Having spent 4 years playing drums in various funk bands, the basic skills of beatmixing and cutting, came to him easily. Before releasing his fi...

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