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a.k.a. Da Hosh, H.O.S.H.

There are solid record labels and then there are recognisable musical collectives… brotherhoods who work together for the furtherment of electronic music. One such crew is based pr...

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Latest: Blacktro

Harrison Crump

a.k.a. Crumpster, Harry Havana

Is that his real name? Is he from Europe? People sometimes get a little confused about Harrison Crump and who he is, so let’s set the record straight. Yes, it is his real name and ...

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Henrik Schwarz was born and raised in South Germany where he also took his first musical steps as a DJ in local Clubs playing Rap, Hip Hop, Rare Groove and Jazz and Detroit Techno....

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Herb Martin was born and raised in the Bronx, NY. Music is his first love and he has been involved with music since the age of five when he attended the Harlem School of the Arts. ...

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Latest: Soul Drums

Hideo Kobayashi

a.k.a. Yellow Diamond

Hideo Kobayashi a.k.a. Yellow Diamond, is a native of Nagano, Japan.  Hideo currently resides in Nagano and Tokyo where he is a full time DJ, producer and remixer. At age four, Hid...

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Hiroshi Watanabe

a.k.a. Kaito, 32 Project, Crunky Boy, Deep Emotion, Defcon 5 (3), DJ FX (4...

Hiroshi Watanabe has been involved in the house and techno music world since his graduation from the Berklee College of Music, Boston, U.S.A. where he received a major in Music Com...

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